IntegralUI for Blazor

Advanced UI Components

  • Color Schemes: Dark and Light
  • Change the overall appearance using custom CSS properties
  • Option to use custom data source through data binding using custom data fields
  • Actions are accompanied with events that you can handle in your code
Drag and Drop
  • Dynamic Drag and Drop with option to move data between components
  • Option to customize drag and drop by handling multiple events like DragEnter, DragOver, DragDrop, DragLeave etc.
  • Dynamic grouping - groups are created on the fly based on specified data field
  • Drag and Drop is available between groups
  • Filter can accept multiple values and performs complex operations with AND, OR criteria
  • Option to create your own custom filtering conditions
  • ScrollBar appearance can change to: Static or Dynamic
  • Option to set up scroll position from code
  • Four ways to select items: None, One, MiltiSimple and MultiExtended
  • Ability to have multiple selection using keyboard keys: CTRL and SHIFT
  • Sort data by using built-in types: Boolean, DateTime, Double, Integer and String
  • Create your own custom sort operations
  • Add your own custom content using templates
  • Template content can change based on custom conditions
  • Fast load and work with large data sets with high performance
  • Load data on demand
  • Supports use of common components within other components
  • You can use CheckBox, ContextMenu, PopOver, Tooltip and other components within custom templates
  • Choose how soon a tooltip will popup, and how long should remain visible