IntegralUI Web

Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue

IntegralUI TreeView
Displays hierarchical data structures
  • Customize the appearance of every control part: background, border, items, expand box and scrollbars
  • Separate look for each item state: normal, selected, focused, hovered and disabled
  • Opton to show even/odd rows in alternate colors using custom styles
  • Option to change appearance of each item separately
  • Color Schemes: Dark and Light
  • Option to create your own Themes
  • Option to change the overall appearance using your own custom settings with conditions
Drag and Drop
Reorder items using advanced drag drop operations
  • Option to drag and drop multiple items
  • Drag Drop items from/to other components
  • Option to drop copies of dragged items while holding SHIFT key
  • Use built-in operation where items are reordered in standard way showing the reorder position tooltip
  • Create your own custom drag drop operation
  • Support for all standard drag drop events
  • Auto expanding while mouse cursor hovers over target item, allows you to easily reorder items
  • Auto scrolling near component area edges allows you to easily scroll the current view
Control the flow of operations using large number of events
  • Change events during sorting and filtering
  • Drag Drop events during each step of drag and drop operation
  • Editing events
  • Expand/Collapse events
  • Item add/remove events
  • Item selection events
  • Keyboard related events
  • Mouse Click events: Click, DoubleClick and RightClick
  • Notification events during loading and update
  • Scrolling events when scroll position changes
Manage the appareance and behavior of expand box
  • Expand Box can be visible or hidden
  • Option to replace the expand box with your own icon
  • Show expand box on right side
Advanced built-in filtering system
  • Built-in suport for number and string filter operations
  • Filter can accept multiple values and performs complex operations with AND, OR criteria
  • Option to create your own custom filtering criteria
High Performance
Maintain high performance while loading and updating your data
  • Using virtualization you can load thousands of items in milliseconds
  • Provides a flat list of whole tree hierarchy that allows you to easily navigate among items
  • Load data on demand, as a whole or per parent node
Keyboard Navigation
Navigate through items using keyboard
  • Use arrow keys to navigate among items
  • Option to handle keyboard events and select items by pressing keys
Organize the content of each item in custom layouts
  • Add your own custom content using item templates
  • Each item can have its own template or template can be shared among all items
  • You can change the item content based on custom conditions
  • Option to add other components inside item space
  • Separate items by setting spacing between them
  • Each item can have its own context menu or tooltip
  • Option to change the item indent
  • Show customizable toolbar when item is hovered or selected
Manage the appearance and behavior of scrollbars
  • Option to show or hide horizontal and vertical scrollbars separately
  • Determine whether the component is scrollable
  • Determine the scrolling speed of mouse wheel from 5 supported values
  • Option to set up scroll position from code
  • Customize the appareance of scrollbars using custom styles
  • Scroll to specific item from code
Manage item selection in efficient way
  • Four ways to select items: None, One, MiltiSimple and MultiExtended
  • Choose whether only a single item or multiple items are selected
  • Selection is done with mouse, touch and/or keyboard
  • Option to preserve selection while doing other operations
  • Ability to have multiple selection using keyboard keys: CTRL and SHIFT
  • Option to select items from code
Choose how items are sorted by using built-in or custom sorting
  • Ability to create your own custom sort operation very easily
  • Sort items in ascending or descending order, or choose none to stop sorting
  • Sort items by using three built-in types: integer, double and string
Show customizable tooltips
  • Each item can have its own tooltip
  • Choose how soon a tolltip will popup, and how long should remain visible