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Represents the TabStrip component for Angular. Consists of multiple tabbed panels that share the same space.


  • controlStyle
  • Specifies an object that contains all style settings for the TabStrip component
  • data
  • Specifies an object that holds data related to the component
  • selectedIndex
  • Gets or sets a tab as selected using its index
  • selectedTab
  • Gets or sets the tab that is currently selected in the TabStrip
  • state
  • Specifies the component state: disabled, hovered, etc.
  • tabs
  • Gets the collection of tabs that are assigned to the TabStrip
  • tabstripPlacement
  • Gets or sets the side at which tabs are positioned


  • afterSelect
  • Occurs after tab is selected
  • beforeSelect
  • Occurs before tab is selected
  • clear
  • Occurs when all tabs are removed
  • tabAdded
  • Occurs after tab is added to the collection
  • tabAdding
  • Occurs before tab is added to the collection
  • tabRemoved
  • Occurs after tab is removed from the collection
  • tabRemoving
  • Occurs before tab is removed from the collection
  • selectionChanged
  • Occurs whenever selection changes from one tab to another