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Holds an object with all settings for the Tooltip.

Property Value

An Object. The default is null, stating that there are no custom settings applied.


The object has the following fields:

  • appRef - object, holds a reference to application view
  • autoPopDelay - number, specifies the time in milliseconds for Tooltip to remain visible
  • enabled - boolean, determines whether the Tooltip is enabled or disabled
  • initialDelay - number, specifies the time in milliseconds prior Tooltip is shown
  • position - string, determines where the Tooltip will appear: above, below, left or right side of the target element or at mouse position
  • showMarker - boolean, when true, an arrow marker will be displayed for the Tooltip window
  • title - string, specifies the content of the Tooltip

Version Information

Supported in: v1.0.

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