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Represents a CheckBox directive for AngularJS. Displays hierarchical collection of row objects in multiple columns.


  • autoCheck
  • Determines whether check value is changed with clicks on CheckBox title
  • checked
  • Determines the state (true, false) of the CheckBox directive
  • checkState
  • Determines the state (checked, indeterminate or unchecked) of the CheckBox
  • controlStyle
  • Specifies the CSS styles by which CheckBox appearance is set
  • enabled
  • Determines whether CheckBox is enabled or disabled
  • events
  • Specifies an object that holds all event handlers in the CheckBox directive
  • name
  • Gets or sets the name of the CheckBox
  • options
  • Specifies an object that holds all options available in the CheckBox
  • rtl
  • Determines whether right-to-left layout is active
  • text
  • Specifies the CheckBox title
  • threeState
  • Determines whether CheckBox can accept two or tri-state values



  • resumeLayout
  • Resumes the CheckBox layout and updates it, internally calls the updateLayout
  • suspendLayout
  • Suspends the CheckBox layout from any updates
  • updateLayout
  • Updates the CheckBox layout