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IntegralUI.TabStrip Methods

A list of methods available in IntegralUI TabStrip.


  • addTab
  • Adds a new tab
  • clearTabs
  • Removes all tabs
  • ensureVisible
  • Ensures that the tab is visible, expanding tabs and scrolling the current view as necessary
  • findTabById
  • Searches for a tab using specified id
  • findTabByText
  • Searches for a tab using specified text
  • getCurrentList
  • Returns a list of all visible tabs
  • getList
  • Returns a list of all tabs
  • getScrollPos
  • Retrieves the current position of the scrollbar
  • getTabAt
  • Retrieves the tab that is at the specified location
  • getTabElement
  • Returns the element related with specified tab
  • insertTabAfter
  • Inserts a new tab after specified tab
  • insertTabAt
  • Inserts a new tab at specified position
  • insertTabBefore
  • Inserts a new tab before specified tab
  • loadData
  • Populates the widget content using array of tab objects
  • removeTab
  • Removes the specified tab
  • removeTabAt
  • Removes a tab at specified position
  • refresh
  • Overridden. Updates layout logic of the widget
  • resumeLayout
  • Inherited. Resumes the layout logic and updates the widget
  • setScrollPos
  • Sets the position of the widget scroll bar
  • suspendLayout
  • Inherited. Temporarily suspends the update of the widget layout