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IntegralUI Web

Native Angular 4 and AngularJS UI Components

June 20, 201717.2

IntegralUI Web is a library built on top of Angular 4 framework. It consists of 20+ user interface components, directives and services that can help you build modern web applications.

What's Changed in Angular Components

  • All components are now built on top of Angular 4 framework
  • AOT (Ahead Of Time compilation) is now supported
  • Sorting is now available for all list and grid components
  • Option to create custom header for groups (using selectors)
  • New samples available in QuickStart application
  • columnSizeChanged event for Grid and TreeGrid components
  • clearSelection method for all list and grid components
  • Grid and TreeGrid can have cells with a dropdown list
  • refresh, clearSelection and collapse/expand methods for Accordion component
  • beforeSelect and afterSelect events for Accordion component
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Fixed the issue that causes a circular error during drag drop when tooltip directive is used for items or rows
  • Fixed issue with column resizing and update of current view in Grid and TreeGrid
  • Right click on menu item no longer causes re-appearing of context menu
  • allowDrop property when set to false, now correctly prevents dropping of objects over component empty space
  • clone method in data service now correctly sets new ids for cloned items in a tree hierarchy
  • Now you can change the appearance of ComboBox from a custom control style
  • When there are no child items, the space for expand box is removed
  • When there are no items, selectedItem is set to null
  • TreeView getList method now also works for child items
  • When quickly expanding multiple groups in Accordion, previous group no longer remains expanded
  • selectedGroup property in Accordon when all groups are removed is now correctly set to null
  • Selection is now reset when selectionMode changes
  • ComboBox dropdown list now appears correctly
  • Fixed the problem of expanding a new group as selected in Accordion
  • Other minor bug fixes

What's Changed in AngularJS Components

  • Merging of Column Cells
  • Multi level headers
  • Reordering of parent and child columns
  • Option to create column relations that govern their visibility on run-time
  • autoSize property for TabStrip that automatically updates its size based on content size of selected tab
  • Grid and TreeGrid has built-in context menu functionality
  • Filter data using case insensitive matching criteria
  • Improved performance when grid size changes
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Fixed the issue for fixed row cells where the height of content element is not updated and equal to the height of non-fixed rows
  • columSizechanged event is now fired when column resize is completed
  • dataFields property now correctly binds custom field names as a replacement for default names for items and rows
  • Fixed the issue when collapsing of the last group caused all groups to expand in the Grid
  • Fixed the problem that causes first selected item to change while holding SHIFT key during multi selection

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