Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI Web

Native Angular 4 and AngularJS UI Components

September 19, 201717.3

IntegralUI Web is a library built on top of Angular 4 framework. It consists of 20+ user interface components, directives and services that can help you build modern web applications.

What's Changed in Angular Components

  • Filter service - provides a set of related functions for custom filter operations
  • DropDown directive - represents a dropdown window
  • IntegralUITemplateOutlet directive - replaces the standard ngTemplateOutlet that solves the problem with memory usage by removing the generated view automatically
  • Virtualization for list components: ListBox, ListView and TreeView
  • Option to show/hide or enable/disable each item in Menu and Context Menu
  • New events for ContextMenu that allows changes to menu content on demand before it appears
  • Performance improvements in Grid, TreeGrid and TreeView
  • Option to show/hide column, row and items on demand
  • Drag Drop Multiple rows and items
  • Keyboard navigation for all list and grid components
  • keyDown, keyPress, keyUp events for all list and grid components
  • All components now have a name property that uniquely identifies the component
  • Option to change the distance between parent-child items and rows
  • Improve performance by suspending and resuming the component layout
  • Option to quickly navigate to specific item or row by showing it in the current view
  • Option to auto-expand the parent item or row during drag drop operations
  • Filtering is now available for all list and grid components
  • New samples that demonstrates: filtering, keyboard navigation, excel like editing and virtualization
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Fixed the issue that caused overriding of context menu from child elements by context menu from parent element
  • Using a mouse wheel is now possible for ListView in horizontal scrolling mode
  • loadData for the Grid component is now available
  • During drag drop when mouse cursor is over component now displays the component name
  • Fixed the issue that cause drawback in performance when many components are loaded in the same page
  • Horizontal resize change and scrollbar appearance is now improved for Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Auto-scrolling during drag drop is now stopped when mouse leaves the component space
  • Other minor bug fixes

What's Changed in AngularJS Components

  • Multi-column selection
  • Option to show/hide row and items on demand
  • allowParent field in filter parameters that allow inclusion of parent rows or items when they don't pass the filter condition but have children that pass it
  • doubleClick event for grid cells
  • When loading data with fixed rows, jump glitch no longer appear

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