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What Our Customers Are Saying

Lidor Systems support was unbeliveably helpful to me when I wanted to integrate IntergralUI TreeView in our project. They helped me right away with any questions. I will not hesitate to recommend Lidor Systems and their products to others.

Philipp Gayko
Senior Software Engineer
Ergon Informatik AG

I have been very happy with the Lidor Systems TreeGrid! I have used many treegrids and browsing grids from different manufacturers. The simplicity of design makes this an exceptional object or plug-in. I use considerably less code with this treegrid object than I did with the others.

The properties, events, and methods of this tool are based on standard JSON objects making it very easy to integrate and communicate with the object via the whole programming stack or message service. The complete suite of properties, events, and methods provide all the functionality needed to complete any task.

Lidor Systems' support team provides fast and accurate information on the most efficient way to use the objects and clarification on customization techniques. It has been great working with them.

Chris Halsema

We came across Lidor Systems in pursuit of a Treeview for angular 4. When evaluating controls I always use the 5 minute rule. Can I get and understand the control within 5 minutes? The website is full of examples with source code that clearly demonstrates the functionality of the system. Then next thing I do is contact support with one or two questions and gauge response time. After all, if you are putting your trust in a key component of your software you need the comfort.

What sets Lidor Systems apart from many painful experiences with control vendors is the support. The support is on 2 levels where Lidor excels. Firstly, you are working and come across a problem but have a delivery date. I have literally got a reply within 30 minutes. Secondly, while the problem is almost always at the end-user side, Lidor helped assist with examples well beyond the support remit. I have had experience with other providers that keep insisting that the problem is at the programmer side, never with the component. Lidor kept with me until the problem was cracked.

The support aspect is echoed by other testimonials. It really sets Lidor Systems in the top percentile of quality component companies to deal with. The controls are great and the support is fantastic.

Colin Stone
Chief Technology Officer
Analec Infotech Private Limited

"We want to thank you guys for providing an excellent set of Web UI controls. We develop an enterprise software product that requires a high-level of UI polish, and we needed Tree and Grid controls. We specifically needed a rich feature set, AngularJS support, API-level integration, stability, and most importantly that high level of UI polish.

We investigated at least a dozen different vendors before deciding on Lidor Systems, and we couldn't be happier with the decision! The product has met our technical needs, but even more importantly, the support has been phenomenal. Clear, concise answers with fantastic turnaround times. We highly recommend these controls to anyone with similar requirements to ours."

Barry Sohl
CEO & Co-Founder
Apophany, LLC

"We use the IntegralUI TreeListView extensively in applications developed for many clients. We are highly satisfied with the product and cannot say enough about it. This product merges the best features of the .net TreeView and ListView, enabling the rapid development of very powerful interfaces that allow end users to navigate data and view relevant details when necessary.

The product can be merged into the Visual Studio development environment with a few clicks and its methods and properties and very intuitive, modeled off the like named attributes from the base Microsoft objects.

What's more, the email support I receive from Lidor Systems is prompt and very helpful. They clearly go to great lengths to support their customers.

The entire package offered by Lidor Systems has made a huge difference in the speed of development and final quality of our applications."

Michael Sweet
Fidelis Partners, Inc.

"I had an older tree control that lacked features and had limited graphic appeal. We needed a new control with additional features. We evaluated several components and determined your TreeListView control had all the features we desired and allowed us to display the data in a very appealing way. The purchase and installation was simple and the integration of the component in our Application was very quick and easy. We did run into one issue when we were first working with the component and we contacted Lidor Systems support. They were great. They were very responsive and helpful. They even provided a snippet of code so we could see exactly what they were talking about. I would highly recommend Lidor Systems. They have great products and a very helpful support staff."

Kevin Burns
Big Horizon Software

"Lidor Systems makes working with third-party components a pleasure. Their products offered me the combination of functionality and lightweight footprint that was perfect for my application. Better yet, they provide a level of depth and responsiveness in their support that is unmatched."

Tod Golding

"Your Collector control made it very easy for me to add a professional designers look to an application. I am a developer and not a designer. As such my applications generally look fairly plan. With your Collector control and various styles and themes I was able to create an application for a client that was very functional with a professional look-n-feel. The client was amazed and very happy with the results. There were many positive comments from users about how the application had a much better style to it than others that they use every day (and no negative comments). In addition, the Collector control made it very easy for me to create an intuitive and functional application."

Sandy P. Petrella
Systems Consultant
PS Group, Inc.

"We are extremely happy with our purchase of the IntegralUI TreeView. We were looking for a TreeView control that had the ability to select multiple nodes with different parent nodes. This is something the standard Microsoft Tree cannot do. I was surprised after researching this on the web that there are very few commercial controls available that have this functionality. IntegralUI TreeView does this and so much more. We purchased the IntegralUI TreeView for one specific project and ended up replacing all of the Microsoft TreeView controls in all of our projects.

I am completely blown away by the support. During the evaluation I found a few features I needed to better support drag and drop. I contacted support and was shocked when a few weeks later the next release came out and all my issues were fixed and implemented. The support team delivered exactly what they told me. Every time I contact support they go way beyond what I am used to. We use several 3rd party controls and Lidor Systems has provided the best support by far."

Michael Gustafson
DP Technology Corp.

"Your IntegralUI TreeView is great. It is easy to use and most importantly highly customisable. I was able to integrate the tree view into my application smoothly in less than 30 minutes the first time I used it. When I had questions about further technical detals the support team was very friendly and replied my e-mails very fast."


"I am 100% happy with the custom treeview. I've been working on a fairly complex system, working on the treeview alone for about one and a half months. The support team are an extremely helpful, they are always happy to help and they have exellent programming skills. Looking foward to seeing the end result of this project I'm working on. I couldn't have done it without this product."

David Graham
Analyst Developer, NHS Grampian

"Very cool. This extends my UI possibilities. Could have used this sooner.. would have saved me months of coding. I especially enjoy the straightforward docking implementation."

Michael Maas

"I have tried LidorSystems.Collector v1.5 and found it to be very easy to use in Visual Studio 2003. Using the WYSIWYG Designer saved me a lot of time when I first wanted to find all the available VISUAL options of the control. I then found that there are so many properties and events available that can be used to control the look and functionality of the control at runtime."

Thanks again,
Jay Mistry
JM Software Development Ltd

"The LidorSystems.Collector components are really great controls. They help offer a polished look similar to office and Windows with a great featureset. My favorite component is the table and tabs. The table allows aligning controls to give better control over positioning like in HTML. The tabs allow for multiple colors which I also like and helps to make the interface friendlier to the end user. The controls are also very easy to use which is a plus."

Gregory Varghese

"This is definitely an excellent product! First, its easy to use. I've only used VB.NET for a limited time and not very experienced. This product has been great and extremely simple. Secondly, it has tons of features. Most features included are usually found in much higher priced products. Third, its a great price. You get a lot for your money. One recommendation: Get it!"

Christopher Sutton
Direct Line Technologies, LLC

"Lidor Systems has a winner on their hands, and for the price, it shaved weeks off my development...Collector allowed me to bang out the UI of our trading and backend system in about 3 hours...Their Tabs, Menus, everything...I had it layed out in no time. Usually, the hardest part of program is the UI, and LidorSystems.Collector took care of 60% of my project...I've been using it now for about 2 weeks, in production, and it's working without fail. I give this product 5 stars."

Daniel Regalia

"I was given a short notice suspense to develop a highly stylized user interface with Visual Studio like tool bars, groups, and tabs. My first thought was 'there is no way I will make this deadline', but I had to try, so I started browsing the Internet looking for some help. That's when I found Lidor Collections, a component based interface solution that gave me everything I needed and more. Lidor Collections has become the favorite powertool in my tool collection, and I highly recommend it for any programmer who wants to give their user interface a cutting edge look in record time."

Tom Molskow
Senior Software Engineer, ProLogic