Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

AngularJS Directives and jQuery Widgets

IntegralUI Studio

IntegralUI Studio for Web

Includes 30+ advanced UI components:

  • Accordion - Displays a list of expandable groups in vertical or horizontal layout
  • Button - Represents a button
  • Calendar - Enables the user to select a date using a visual monthly calendar display
  • CheckBox - Represents a check box
  • ComboBox - Advanced version of standard ComboBox element
  • ContextMenu - Represents a shortcut menu
  • DatePicker - Allows the user to select a date by using a drop-down calendar
  • Dialog - Displays a modal window
  • DropDownButton - Represents a button with option to show a dropdown list
  • Frame - Places a grip handle that allows you to resize a container during run-time
  • Grid - Displays tabular data sets
  • GroupBox - An expandable container with header and content
  • ListBar - Displays a list of expandable groups with items
  • ListBox - Displays a collection of items with content in custom layouts
  • ListScroller - Displays a scrollable item list in horizontal or vertical layout
  • ListView - Displays a collection of items using several different views
  • Menu - Allows you to create static or dynamic menus
  • NumericUpDown - Displays a numeric value and allows changes within a range of defined minimum and maximum values
  • Paginator - Allows you to divide the content in multiple views in single page
  • ProgressBar - Visualize the progression of an operation
  • RadioButton - Represents a radio button
  • Range - Allows you to set limits in which an element can resize during run-time
  • Rating - Visualizes ratings
  • SlideBar - Animates slides composed of custom content
  • Slider - Allows changes to a numeric value within a range of defined minimum and maximum values
  • SplitContainer - Consists of movable bar with tabs that divides the container's display area into two resizable panels
  • Splitter - A movable bar that can resize elements during run-time
  • TabStrip - Consists of multiple scrollable panels that share the same space
  • Tooltip - Adds a tooltip to an element
  • TreeGrid - Displays hierarchical data structures in multiple columns
  • TreeList - Allows you to navigate through tree hierarchy showing only one list at a time
  • TreeView - Displays hierarchical data structures
  • All components supports both local and remote data binding, have fully customizable appearance, animations, themes and much more.

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