IntegralUI Web

Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue

Current Version
IntegralUI Web is a suite of advanced user interface components that you can use in Angular, React, Vue or any other JavaScript framework.

05 December 2023version 23.4

What's New
  • FontSize and FontStyle custom properties for all components
  • ListBox have built-in CheckBox for items
  • ListBox have built-in RadioButton
  • Items can appear as separators in ListBox
  • Add and remove event data in List components now include the item index and parent
  • sizeChanged event from SidePanel is fired during animated resize
  • updateComplete event is added to the SideBar, fires when layolut update completes
  • Fixed the issue that prevented additional add/remove processes when it is canceled within itemAdding or itemRemoving event
  • Fixed the issue with inserting new items at position that is outside of current list range
  • Block size is now correctly set within TreeList size when added as a child to SidePanel
  • Fixed the issue with items in TreeList to appear as grayed when disabled
  • Drag Drop Multiple items in ListBox now correctly preserves their order
  • RadioButtons in List components no longer become unchecked when clicked twice
  • Change of RadioButton value is now working also with touch
  • Text-align custom property setting for all components, by default is set to left
  • Fixed the issue with right-click on TreeList header that moves back the list when header click event is handled
  • TreeList scrollTo method no includes the header height when scrolling
  • Icons in Calendar are now rendered correctly before ResourcePath is set
  • Showing a check box in root context menu no longer throws an error 'resource not found'
  • Changing Tab Orientation during run-time in TabStrip now correctly aligns tabs
  • Deep child menus no longer remain open when root menu is opened again or a different menu opens
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Roadmap 2024
    • Improved Drag and Drop for Grid and TreeGrid
    • Grid groups with sorting and changes from group panel
    • Fixed Rows on top and bottom side in Grid and TreeGrid
    • Grid columns with built-in dropdown menus
    • Tabbed Windows
    • Improved animations for all components, with smooth transitions between different states
    • New themes: Shadow, Translucent


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