IntegralUI Web

Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue

Current Version
IntegralUI Web is a suite of advanced user interface components that you can use in Angular, React, Vue or any other JavaScript framework.

07 March 2023version 23.1

What's New
  • New components: Loading and SidePanel
  • Loading - Use of asynchronous animations during loading progression
  • SidePanel - Allows you to add custom content panel that appears by sliding from page side
  • Dynamic Drag and Drop with smooth animations that show target drop position for ListBox, ListView and TreeView
  • TypeScript definitions files for each component
  • SideBar now allows you to create content layouts divided with expandable and sizeable panels during run-time
  • Auto hide ability for SideBar that allows you to change whether side bar content pops out on top of the parent container or pushes its content to the side when opening
  • Dynamic appearance of scrollbar
  • Improved overall appearance of Tooltips
  • Option o place tabs in SideBar on each side with customizable alignment
  • Expand/Collapse of groups in TreeList no longer changes the scroll position
  • Scrolling the ListBar content is now working when using the mouse wheel
  • Reaching the end of scrolling in TabStrip shows scroll buttons in grey color
  • Mouse wheel now correctly scrolls tabs in TabStrip
  • New and improved samples
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Roadmap 2023
    • New and improved Drag Drop in most components with animations
    • Tabbed Windows
    • Multi-column sorting in Grid, PivotGrid and TreeGrid components
    • Option to merge grid cells
    • Improved animations for all components, with smooth transitions between different states
    • New themes: Shadow, Translucent


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