Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

Lidor Systems Collector for .NET WinForms

Docking Windows and Tabbed Documents Management Controls

Details about each version released

Date Version Description
Aug 15, 2012 v1.7.5 FIX: The flickering occuring during drag-drop operation is fixed and now works under Windows 7.
FIX: The flickering of resize line when Bar or Group controls are resized is now fixed and works under Windows 7.
FIX: UseTheme is set to true, the predefined color scheme is correctly applied to all control parts.
FIX: Style changes from parent controls are now successfully transferred to their child controls.
CHANGE: The TranslucentClone docking option is no longer available.
May 02, 2006 v1.7.2 NEW: Reordering Groups in a Bar while Bar is contained in container control.
FIX: Group floating location or location doesn't change on float.
FIX: During animation of empty groups inside the Bar with Vertical appearance set, runtime error is thrown.
Apr 04, 2006 v1.7.1.2 NEW: AutoHideBar control can show tabs in Autosize and Compressed mode
FIX: Alt Menu Shortcuts Not Showing.
Mar 11, 2006 v1.7.1 FIX: Flickering in the menu & toolbar when click the autohide button of the Group control
FIX: The size of the floating Group gets bigger during animated expand/collapse operations.
Feb 15, 2006 v1.7 NEW: IntelliSense support
NEW: DesignTime support for inherited classes
FIX: Floating and Framed windows cannot change their border size
Dec 20, 2005 V1.6 NEW: Standard MDI with tiled and cascaded windows
NEW: AutoHide bar can resize to fit the Page's tab image, no matter what size it is
NEW: Ability to hide tabs of Group and Page controls
FIX: When drag&drop windows to the edges of screen area, the part of the window is not in the boundary of screen
FIX: Inheritance of Collector controls
FIX: AutoHide window need to collapse when tab is losing focus
FIX: When Page creates floating window the header of window is not visible
FIX: Sometimes AutoHideBar is not paint properly
FIX: Creation of new horizontal tab group overlaps some space of the existing tab group
Nov 29, 2005 V1.5.0.2 FIX: Full support for .NET 2.0 framework
Nov 21, 2005 V1.5.0.1 FIX: Exception is thrown from the Margin constructor, while building project with .NET 2.0
Nov 1, 2005 V1.5 NEW: Creation of ToolWindows
NEW: VS.NET Docking Windows Style
NEW: Sliding AutoHide Windows
NEW: Multiple styles of Dock Guides (RuberBand, TranslucentClone & TranslucentFill)
NEW: Permissions for docking, closing, reordering and drag&drop operations
NEW: Fixed Layout
NEW: Enabled/Disabled Tab Style
NEW: Support for Windows XP Themes
FIX: Drag&drop operations are improved
July 11, 2005 V1.0.1 NEW: Support for .NET 2.0 BETA
FIX: Create separate floating windows with dragging-off the tabs from tabbed mdi documents
May 25, 2005 V1.0 First release