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IntegralUI Containers for .NET WinForms

Advanced Container Controls

Details about each version released

Date Version Description
Feb 03, 2015 v3.1 NEW: Flat theme
NEW: Option to set position of tooltips in TabControl relative to tab position

FIX: The problem which causes a change in tab header appearance when SplitContainer collapsed is now fixed
FIX: Closing a project while TabControl is present on the Form no longer closes an error to be thrown
FIX: Hovering over tabs in tab strip no longer causes high CPU usage
FIX: Clicking on Swap button with multiple tabs present, now correctly selects tabs that are currently opened
FIX: Other minor bugs
Dec 03, 2013 v3.0 NEW: TabControl with nested tabs, child tabs are shown under parent tab
NEW: Expander with vertical header and horizontal expand
NEW: SplitContainer now splits content using multiple tabs
NEW: Serialization of styles for container controls
NEW: Option to align tabs to left, center or right side in TabControl
NEW: Tooltips for command buttons
NEW: Each tab can have a toltip
NEW: Option to show/hide Swap Panels Button in SplitContainer
NEW: Right to Left for all container controls
NEW: Nested child tabs can have different shape than their parents
NEW: TagString for TabPages
NEW: Accelerated scrolling in TabControl. When scrolling among many tabs, the scrolling speed increases
NEW: OrientationChanged event for Expander
NEW: Option to create tree hierarchy of tabs in TabControl, durign design time
NEW: SplitterPositionColor property is added for changing the color of resize marker in SplitContainer control
NEW: A method for finding command button by its Key in SplitContainer is added

FIX: The size attribute of font tag now can accept decimal values
FIX: A default event is added for all controls
FIX: TabStripStyle in SplitContainer has initial setting of Padding to 2 pixels
FIX: Child tab pages are not visible in Designer although the Expanded property for parent tab is true
FIX: Initial drop of SplitContainer now divides tab content equally
FIX: Resize line of splitter in SplitContainer is no longer flickering under Windows 7
FIX: An empty image is added when a new command button is created
FIX: The Key attribute in TabStripButtonClicked event is now carried from the command button clicked
FIX: Command buttons with Visible property set to false remain hidden
FIX: Tabs under XP Themed are now showing border in normal state under Windows 7
FIX: The TabControl is redrawed and the focus frame is hidden when tab no longer has focus
FIX: MaxTextSize works for tabs with longer text
FIX: MaxTextSize now works in justified display mode
FIX: Drawing of tabs while mouse cursor no longer hovers over them is now fixed
FIX: SplitContainer orientation changes now correctly sets the distance of splitter
FIX: Changes to the Font in ToolItemFormatStyle is applied to ToolLabel
FIX: During scroll of tab pages the line below selected tab is drawn correctly
FIX: Navigation among disabled tabs using keyboard is now fixed
FIX: Using the Insert method to add tab pages with content from code, is now fixed
FIX: Other minor bugs
Aug 30, 2012 v2.1.7 NEW: Support for Visual Studio 2012
NEW: RichContentControl - new control, presents multiple pages of various objects arranged in custom layouts using HTML tags

FIX: Tabs are now repainted when mouse cursors leaves their space
FIX: GetPageAt and GetButtonAt methods now return correct page and button when tabs have internal padding set to greater value
FIX: Selecting of tabs is now corrected when tabs are placed in multiple lines and when placed on left/right side
FIX: Toolbar no longer becomes invisible when no tabs are present in current control view
FIX: Option to extend current color theme is now supported
FIX: Focus frame is now shown also in classic visual style
FIX: Fixed the issue which caused tabs to appear outside of tab strip in right an bottom placement when multi-line navigation is used
Dec 07, 2010 v2.1 NEW: Option to show tabs in hierarchy with ability to be shown in different sides. For this purpose the following properties are added:
NEW: TabStripPlacement, for each page to determine the side on which page tab will be shown
NEW: UseParentTabStripPlacement, which determines whether page can have their own setting of side or from its parent TabControl
NEW: Pages, a collection of child pages added to this page
NEW: ParentPage, determines the parent page of the current page in hierarchy
NEW: Expanded, determines whether page will show its child pages
NEW: FlatList, a collection which holds all pages in linear mode. Best used for cycling through all pages
NEW: CurrentList, a collection of all pages that are currently scrollable in the TabControl. All hidden pages or pages that their parent is collapsed are not contained in this collection
NEW: ShowOnMultipleSides, determines whether pages can be shown in different sides simultaneously
NEW: Option to show navigation buttons for all sides with hierarchical tabs
NEW: RightToLeft supported. Now tabs can be shown starting from right side and continuing to the left direction. Or from bottom to top
NEW: Remove method to easy deleting the page from its parent collection
NEW: The TabControl designer is updated and now you can create hierarchical structure of TabPages from VS designer

FIX: TabControl with transparent selected page is now drawn properly
FIX: When tabs are on the right side and set to horizonal layout, the text/images for the tabs now scroll properly
FIX: When the user closes a tab with the close button, the tab gets removed and another tab selected, and now the tab header does get redrawn properly
March 11, 2010 v2.0 NEW: Multiline tabs
NEW: Option to create tabs with rich content: text, images and hyperlinks in custom layouts
NEW: Predefined and Custom DragDrop operations
NEW: Content of page tab can be divided in multiple lines when resized
NEW: Option to change the color of drop marker

FIX: The order of drawing page tab is fixed for Left/Right tab placement and TrapezoidalLeft/TrapezoidalRight shape
FIX: Repaint of TabControl borders during resize
FIX: During justified mode no longer TabControl takes the max tab width and apply it to all tabs
FIX: There is no more confusion during StyleFromParent set to false for pages if their FormatStyle is changed
FIX: There is no longer a flickering of controls placed in TabPage when mouse cursor hovers over their tab
FIX: Using separate styles for specific pages in TabControl
April 30, 2009 v1.0 First release