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Rich User Interface Controls and Components

Details about each version released

Date Version Description
Feb 03, 2015 2014 NEW: Flat theme
NEW: Option to show ExpandBox only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space
NEW: Each column header now can display multiple command buttons: drop-down, context menu, etc.
NEW: LockedImage property for ExpandBoxStyle to enable changing the image of expand box when node is locked
NEW: Option to show ScrollBar only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space
NEW: Mouse-Wheel now handles horizontal scrolling when only horizontal scrollbar is visible
NEW: Option to set position of tooltips in TabControl relative to tab position

FIX: Expanded nodes set during design-time remain open when app is started
FIX: Pressing the ENTER key now can be handled outside ListView control
FIX: Indent now accepts negative values and allows aligning of child nodes with root nodes
FIX: The problem which causes a change in tab header appearance when SplitContainer collapsed is now fixed
FIX: Closing a project while TabControl is present on the Form no longer closes an error to be thrown
FIX: Hovering over tabs in tab strip no longer causes high CPU usage
FIX: Clicking on Swap button with multiple tabs present, now correctly selects tabs that are currently opened
FIX: Other minor bugs
Dec 03, 2013 2013 Vol2 NEW: TabControl with nested tabs, child tabs are shown under parent tab
NEW: Expander with vertical header and horizontal expand
NEW: SplitContainer now splits content using multiple tabs
NEW: Serialization of styles for container controls
NEW: Option to create groups and items with rich content in Navigator controls
NEW: Option to align tabs to left, center or right side in TabControl
NEW: Tooltips for command buttons
NEW: Each tab can have a toltip
NEW: Option to show/hide Swap Panels Button in SplitContainer
NEW: Right to Left for all container controls
NEW: Nested child tabs can have different shape than their parents
NEW: TagString for TabPages
NEW: Accelerated scrolling in TabControl. When scrolling among many tabs, the scrolling speed increases
NEW: OrientationChanged event for Expander
NEW: Option to create tree hierarchy of tabs in TabControl, durign design time
NEW: SplitterPositionColor property is added for changing the color of resize marker in SplitContainer control
NEW: A method for finding command button by its Key in SplitContainer is added

FIX: The size attribute of font tag now can accept decimal values
FIX: AfterSelect event no longer throws an error when a group is selected when ExpandMode is set to One
FIX: ExplorerBar doesn’t show items when UseTheme is true and Visual Style is XP, under Win7
FIX: Level property now returns the correct level for root nodes
FIX: ExpandHImage and CollapseImage are now correctly used from ExpandBoxStyle
FIX: A default event is added for all controls
FIX: Resize line for columns is now positioned correctly when horizontal scrollbar has greater value than zero
FIX: A horizontal alignment for single subitem is npw working from their FormatStyle settings
FIX: Editing of subitem text is now applied when text is changed in label edit control
FIX: Holding of SHIFT+CLICK keys while selecting multiple nodes now also selects subitems
FIX: Editing of empty text is now possible
FIX: Changes from TextControl are now correctly shown and applied for subitems
FIX: TransparencyLevel property available for Columns
FIX: CheckBox state for nodes is now preserved from Editor in VS Designer
FIX: ExplorerBar doesn’t show items when UseTheme is true and Visual Style is XP, under Win7
FIX: Solved the repeated layout update when AutoSizable property for columns is set to true
FIX: TabStripStyle in SplitContainer has initial setting of Padding to 2 pixels
FIX: Child tab pages are not visible in Designer although the Expanded property for parent tab is true
FIX: Initial drop of SplitContainer now divides tab content equally
FIX: Resize line of splitter in SplitContainer is no longer flickering under Windows 7
FIX: An empty image is added when a new command button is created
FIX: The Key attribute in TabStripButtonClicked event is now carried from the command button clicked
FIX: Command buttons with Visible property set to false remain hidden
FIX: Tabs under XP Themed are now showing border in normal state under Windows 7
FIX: The TabControl is redrawed and the focus frame is hidden when tab no longer has focus
FIX: MaxTextSize works for tabs with longer text
FIX: MaxTextSize now works in justified display mode
FIX: Drawing of tabs while mouse cursor no longer hovers over them is now fixed
FIX: SplitContainer orientation changes now correctly sets the distance of splitter
FIX: Changes to the Font in ToolItemFormatStyle is applied to ToolLabel
FIX: During scroll of tab pages the line below selected tab is drawn correctly
FIX: Navigation among disabled tabs using keyboard is now fixed
FIX: Using the Insert method to add tab pages with content from code, is now fixed
FIX: Other minor bugs
Jul 04, 2013 2013 Vol1 NEW: Multi-column sorting
NEW: Span subitems in multiple columns
NEW: Serialization of partial set of items, color schemes and themes
NEW: Load on Demand option for loading partial data from XML file, database or memory stream
NEW: Owner Draw events for drawing each part of the control
NEW: Expanded mode: single or multiple
NEW: Column can have min and max width
NEW: Column formatting option to display values in user specific format
NEW: Compact view: option for TreeView to show the selected node with its siblings and only its parent nodes
NEW: Different column permissions: AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowResize, AllowDrag, AutoSizable
NEW: Different node permissions: AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowExpand, AllowCollapse
NEW: Tooltips for columns
NEW: Styles can be inherited from parent nodes
NEW: Option to lock nodes from expanding or collapsing

FIX: Filter now shows child nodes only if their parent is also included in filter settings
FIX: Fixed a bug which prevents textbox to appear when LabelEdit is set to true
FIX: When HoverSelection is active the text of previously selected node now appears
FIX: AllowThemeExtend now works properly and theme colors can be changed
FIX: Hovering over items with shorter text then control width now works properly in ListControl
FIX: Drag-Drop is now allowed if item is dragged outside of item text area in ListControl
FIX: When dragged item is moved down during drag-drop it's placed in correct position
FIX: Other minor bugs
Jul 19, 2012 2012 Vol1 NEW: ExplorerBar, ListBar and OutlookBar, a navigation type of controls
NEW: Multiple display modes - Depending on the control, there are multiple views to present groups and items
NEW: Independently expandable groups - Only one or more groups can be expanded/collapsed
NEW: Support to embed controls - Any windows forms control can be added to the item
NEW: Different item types: text, image, panel and separator
NEW: Context menus to each group and item
NEW: Watermarks - Each group can have a semi-transparent background image
NEW: Theme support - Built-in themes which match the current OS theme
Dec 20, 2011 2011 Vol2 NEW: Panel and TransparentPanel, presents a containers with gradient fill of its background and custom border appearance
NEW: Option to fix items on top or bottom side in ListBox and TreeView, which can act like header and footer
NEW: A DisplayMode property for items which will enable for an item to act as a separator in the list
NEW: Option to embedd new control: RatingControl which can use custom images to show rating values, includes star image as default
NEW: Improved data load/save in TreeView with ability to load on demand data from large xml files or streams, which will provide instant control update
NEW: Option to place child node above or below its parent node in TreeView and TreeListView controls
NEW: A new ShowRootLines property which shows root lines even if there arent child nodes
NEW: IsChildOf method, which determines whether a node is child of a specified node
NEW: GetPreferredSize method, which returns the calculates and returns the actual size of node space

FIX: Speed for Mouse Wheel is now working as it should
FIX: When scrollbar is disabled, the current view is no longer scrolled with mouse wheel
FIX: In TreeView the currently hovered node is now selected when HoverSelection property is set to true
FIX: When list control is disabled and enabled again, the scroll bar also changes its enabled state
FIX: Showing popup window in AfterSelect event, no longer causes multiple calls to the same event
FIX: When using TextControl as editor is shown in subitem with OnHover visibility, the focus is now properly changed to another row with TextControl
FIX: The tree lines are no longer drawn for fixed nodes in TreeView control
FIX: When ComboBox has initial selection set from the code, the selection no longer resets when a click is made outside combo box
FIX: AutoSizeColumn method when it is called, now fully shows the column text
Jul 05, 2011 2011 Vol1 NEW: RichContentControl which can present multiple pages of various objects arranged in custom layouts using HTML tags
NEW: RatingControl which can use custom images to show rating values, includes star image as default
NEW: NumberedListControl presents a numbered list of items acting like navigation panel
NEW: Option to show items in ListView in Card view
NEW: Option to align expand box in groups in ListView
NEW: Option to fix items on top or bottom side in ListBox and act like header and footer
NEW: Option to extend the current theme with custom colors for all controls
NEW: A style for drawing subitems when they are focused
NEW: Selection from keyboard using CTRL or SHIFT for all list controls
NEW: Option to add space between tabs and tabstrip edge
NEW: A new constructor for all list controls which accepts String and creates a default item with text
NEW: Option to embedd Rating control in all list controls
NEW: Serialization of images from ImageList in xml file

FIX: The expand box of groups is now visible when horizontal scrollbar is at its last position
FIX: The last item in ListView is now visible with last scroll pos and when groups are present
FIX: TabControl Designer no longer throws an error when closing Form
FIX: Clone method of Columns, Items etc. now also include Key, Name values
FIX: SetScrollPos and speed for Mouse Wheel now works in ListBox
FIX: The Value property of subitem now carries valid value in ValueChanging event
FIX: When list control is disabled and enabled again, the scroll bar also changes its enabled state
FIX: EnsureVisible method in ListView now position the specified item at corect location
FIX: Textcontrol now shows the bottom of low hanging fonts correctly
FIX: When Space key is pressed from TextBox contained in Expander control, the expander collapse/expands
FIX: When using multi extended selection using SHIFT key, when parent node is collapsed child nodes are no longer added to SelectedNodes collection
FIX: When vertical scrollbar becomes hidden, no longer resets the scrolling view
FIX: Other minor bugs
Dec 29, 2010 2010 Vol2 NEW: Option to show tabs in hierarchy with ability to be shown in different sides. For this purpose the following properties are added:
NEW:    TabStripPlacement, for each page to determine the side on which page tab will be shown
NEW:    UseParentTabStripPlacement, which determines whether page can have their own setting of side or from its parent TabControl
NEW:    Pages, a collection of child pages added to this page
NEW:    ParentPage, determines the parent page of the current page in hierarchy
NEW:    Expanded, determines whether page will show its child pages
NEW:    FlatList, a collection which holds all pages in linear mode. Best used for cycling through all pages
NEW:    CurrentList, a collection of all pages that are currently scrollable in the TabControl. All hidden pages or pages that their parent is collapsed are not contained in this collection.
NEW:    ShowOnMultipleSides, determines whether pages can be shown in different sides simultaneously
NEW:    Option to show navigation buttons for all sides with hierarchical tabs
NEW: RightToLeft supported. Now tabs can be shown starting from right side and continuing to the left direction. Or from bottom to top
NEW: Remove method to easy deleting the page from its parent collection
NEW: The TabControl designer is updated and now you can create hierarchical structure of TabPages from VS designer
NEW: Pixel-based scrolling enabled for ListBox, TreeListView and TreeView controls
NEW: New Key property in ObjectEventArgs, used to uniquely identify different objects
NEW: Fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010
NEW: The Key which specifies the text from XML content is carried with the editing events
NEW: A built-in root node which will be used as parent for first level nodes and which retrieve the control Nodes collection
NEW: IsRoot property which determines whether a node is the root node
NEW: ItemObjectClicked and ContentObjectClicked events now carry also the MouseButtons
NEW: Mouse wheel supported in ComboBox, ListControl and NumericUpDown controls
NEW: EnsureVisible method for subitems. Using it will position the specified subitem to the center of the current view
NEW: Retrieving a subitem by its Key

FIX: TabControl with transparent selected page is now drawn properly
FIX: When tabs are on the right side and set to horizonal layout, the text/images for the tabs now scroll properly
FIX: When the user closes a tab with the close button, the tab gets removed and another tab selected, and now the tab header does get redrawn properly
FIX: When a click is made on any of scrollbar arrows or thumb it no longer raises AfterLabelEdit event
FIX: When column header is created with XML content, now the column can be selected by mouse click
FIX: Color styles for specific group in ListView control are applied
FIX: When using ENTER or ESC key to exit from built-on control with OnClick or OnHover visibility, the focus is now returned to subitem
FIX: ComboButtons changes from thier editor are not applied to its parent control
FIX: GetScrollPos now returns the correct position of scrollbar
FIX: EnsureVisible now works also with pixel-based scrolling
FIX: Now when using KeySearchMode the current view is scrolled to show the found item
FIX: Scrolling large number of controls inside node, don't longer causes overlapping of panels over controls
Jul 15, 2010 2010 Vol1 NEW: Great performance improvement during data load and control layout update
NEW: Partially visible controls remain active
NEW: RightToLeft support for TreeView control
NEW: XML attributes
     - assemblypath and resource for <img> tag, used to get references from emebedded resources
     - selectedtextcolor for <style> tag, used for changing the color of text when selected
     - <r> tag for regular font
     - id attribute for most tags, used to identify specific object
NEW: Option to separately show/hide the scrollbars
NEW: Option to create unique appearance of scrollbars using textures
NEW: Four color styles for every state of the scrollbars
NEW: CurrentList property, represents a flat list of all nodes that are currently visible and filtered
NEW: Alignment of expand box, check box, state image and item icon
NEW: EnsureVisible with option to choose the item position
NEW: ItemSelectionChanged even which notifies when node changes its selection
NEW: Option to edit nodes and subitems created with rich content. Also editing of specific text part.
NEW: Option to determine which columns can be edited
NEW: UpdateCurrentView, a new method with which only objects in current display area of the control are updated. Efficient fro example when specific subitem changes its visibility or to automatically resize the node/subitem height when contained control changes its size.
NEW: Margin, a new property in format style of the node, with which you can change the space between other nodes. Now every node can have different distance from other nodes
NEW: Multiline tabs
NEW: Option to create tabs with rich content: text, images and hyperlinks in custom layouts
NEW: Predefined and Custom DragDrop operations
NEW: Content of page tab can be divided in multiple lines when resized
NEW: Option to change the color of drop marker

FIX: Scrollbar with size equal to zero no longer throws an error
FIX: During navigation when disabled nodes are present, the navigation is no longer blocked
FIX: When SelectionMode is changed all selection is cleared
FIX: When filter is applied, the nodes with child's don't show anymore the expand box even if there is no child nodes
FIX: ToolTip background is no longer transparent when FillStyle is set to Flat or BackColor and BackFadeColor are equal
FIX: Keyboard navigation when there are some disabled nodes function properly
FIX: Expand/Collapse of disabled node is allowed
FIX: Prevention of node selection can be done from BeforeSelect event when SelectionMode is set to One
FIX: When NodeSpacing is set to 0, the bottom line of node border no longer overlaps with the top border of the next node
FIX: Functionality of Visible property for subItems is fixed
FIX: When a column is fixed to left or right side, the subitems are also reordered
FIX: When footer is hidden the squared borders for columns now can be set
FIX: The position of mouse cursor (Hand) is also changed, when node or subitem content is vertically centered
FIX: The BackColor for subitems is no longer drawn outside the subitem border
FIX: When large images are added to the specified column with ContentType=Image, the image is shown even if the column width is shorter then the image width
FIX: When vertical alignment is used for rich content, the control is also vertically aligned
FIX: When column size is greatly reduced, the rich content of the node is no longer drawn outside the node bounds
FIX: When tables are used and styles are pre-created using >style< tag, accessing the styles is possible through id value
FIX: The order of drawing page tab is fixed for Left/Right tab placement and TrapezoidalLeft/TrapezoidalRight shape
FIX: Repaint of TabControl borders during resize
FIX: During justified mode no longer TabControl takes the max tab width and apply it to all tabs
FIX: There is no more confusion during StyleFromParent set to false for pages if their FormatStyle is changed
FIX: Using separate styles for specific pages in TabControl
December 15, 2009 2009 Vol2 NEW: 8 new built-in controls which can be used as a standalone and inside list controls using XML tags:
CheckBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, ListControl, MonthCalendar, NumericUpDown, ProgressBar, TextControl
NEW: Advanced filter which allows data to be filtered by multiple values using AND, OR criteria and exact or prefix match
NEW: XML Serialization for controls and images
NEW: Improved performance during load process
NEW: ApplyFocusStyle, a property which enables/disables FocusStyle for items. Useful during multi-selection
NEW: Option to show tree hierarchy in flat mode
NEW: Option to create XML content with images embedded in resource files
NEW: Option to navigate through subitems
NEW: Events for notification when column resizes
NEW: Events for notification when values of subitems changes
NEW: Edit when using XML tags for text in different locations (automatic and programmatically)
NEW: LabelEditStyle for customization of edit box during item content editing
NEW: PreserveVisiblity, a property used to preserve visibility of items when required

FIX: Items with height larger than current display area of its parent control are shown
FIX: Resource management optimization when using images
FIX: CPU usage when animating images is optimized
FIX: The appearance of underlined text is fixed
FIX: With ItemHighlightType set to None or when all items are disabled, the focus item doesn't appear
FIX: Column lines are no longer drawn over item content
FIX: Other minor bugs
August 24, 2009 2009 Vol1 First release