Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI TabControl for .NET WinForms

Feature Rich Tabbed User Interface

To demonstrate the possibilites and features implemented in IntegralUI TabControl, you can download and test the following sample applications. Each sample is provided as a stand alone executable so it can be easily downloaded and tested. All samples are included with our products and are provided with complete source code. Each sample comes in two versions, C# and VB.NET.

Sample applications Size Download

TabControl with Nested Tabs

An example on how to create TabControl where each tab can contain child tabs shown under its parent tab. Ability to nest tab pages inside other tab pages in TabControl .NET. 599 KB Download Sample - Nested Tabs in TabControl .NET

Hide or Disable Tab Pages in TabControl

Demonstrates how to hide or disable tab headers of pages in TabControl .NET. 594 KB Download Sample - Hide or Disable Tabs in TabCOntrol .NET

How to Create or Open New Tabs

An example showing how to add a new tab button which when clicked will open a new tab in TabControl .NET. 591 KB Download Sample - Tabs with Close Button in TabControl .NET

Multi-Color Tabs

Learn how to create tab pages in multiple colors in TabControl .NET, tab appearance like in Microsoft OneNote style. 595 KB Download Sample - Multi Color Tabs in TabControl .NET

Space Between Tabs

Shows how to increase space between tab headers in TabControl .NET control using spacing and padding. 613 KB Download Sample - Tab Header Spacing in TabControl .NET

How to Add a Close Button to Tabs

An example showing how to add a close button to each tab header on your TabControl .NET, WinForms. 601 KB Download Sample - Tabs with Close Button in TabControl .NET

Show Ellipsis for Tabs with Longer Text

Learn how to limit tab width by showing ellipses at the end of text in longer tabs in TabControl .NET. Also shows tabs in auto sized, compressed and justified display mode. 603 KB Download Sample - Different Display Modes for Tabs in TabControl .NET