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How to Display a SubItem in Multiple Columns in TreeListView .NET

Each node in TreeListView control can have multiple subitems which are shown in different columns. The order of subitem and column in which appears are closely related.

By default each sibitem is shown in one column. However, there may be cases when you want to display your data which will require a subitem to be show across multiple columns. This can be done by using the ColumnSpan property which accepts integer value specifying the number of columns on which this subitem can span to.

Span SubItems in Multiple Columns in TreeListView .NET

There is no limit on how many columns a subitem can span, in general depends on how many columns are present. The other limitation factor is the expanding column, that is the column in which expand box is shown. If for example a subitem belongs to a column shown before the expanding column and it spans to two columns, the subitem will appear only in one column, it cannot overlap the data shown in expanding column.

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