Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI TreeListView for .NET WinForms

Rich multi-column hierarchical data visualization control

Details about each version released

Date Version Description
Feb 03, 2015 v4.1 NEW: Flat theme
NEW: Option to show ExpandBox only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space
NEW: Each column header now can display multiple command buttons: drop-down, context menu, etc.
NEW: LockedImage property for ExpandBoxStyle to enable changing the image of expand box when node is locked
NEW: Option to show ScrollBar only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space
NEW: Mouse-Wheel now handles horizontal scrolling when only horizontal scrollbar is visible

FIX: Expanded nodes set during design-time remain open when app is started
FIX: Indent now accepts negative values and allows aligning of child nodes with root nodes
FIX: Other minor bugs
Dec 03, 2013 v4.0.5 FIX: Filter now shows child nodes only if their parent is also included in filter settings
FIX: Fixed a bug which prevents textbox to appear when LabelEdit is set to true in TreeView
FIX: When HoverSelection is active the text of previously selected node now appears
FIX: AllowThemeExtend now works properly and theme colors can be changed
FIX: Hovering over items with shorter text then control width now works properly in ListControl
FIX: Drag-Drop is now allowed if item is dragged outside of item text area in ListControl
FIX: When dragged item is moved down during drag-drop it's placed in correct position
FIX: The size attribute of font tag now can accept decimal values
FIX: Level property now returns the correct level for root nodes
FIX: ExpandImage and CollapseImage are now correctly used from ExpandBoxStyle
FIX: A default event is added
FIX: Resize line for columns is now positioned correctly when horizontal scrollbar has greater value than zero
FIX: A horizontal alignment for single subitem is npw working from their FormatStyle settings
FIX: Editing of subitem text is now applied when text is changed in label edit control
FIX: Holding of SHIFT+CLICK keys while selecting multiple nodes now also selects subitems
FIX: Editing of empty text is now possible
FIX: Changes from TextControl are now correctly shown and applied for subitems
FIX: TransparencyLevel property available for Columns
FIX: CheckBox state for nodes is now preserved from Editor in VS Designer
FIX: Other minor bugs
Jul 04, 2013 v4.0 NEW: Multi-column sorting
NEW: Span subitems in multiple columns
NEW: Serialization of partial set of items, color schemes and themes
NEW: Load on Demand option for loading partial data from XML file, database or memory stream
NEW: Owner Draw events for drawing each part of the control
NEW: Expanded mode: single or multiple
NEW: Column can have with min and max width
NEW: Column formatting option to display values in user specific format
NEW: Different column permissions: AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowResize, AllowDrag, AutoSizable
NEW: Different node permissions: AllowHover, AllowSelect, AllowExpand, AllowCollapse
NEW: Tooltips for columns
NEW: Styles can be inherited from parent nodes

FIX: Filter now shows child nodes only if their parent is also included in filter settings
FIX: When HoverSelection is active the text of previously selected node now appears
FIX: AllowThemeExtend now works properly and theme colors can be changed
FIX: Hovering over items with shorter text then control width now works properly in ListControl
FIX: Drag-Drop is now allowed if item is dragged outside of item text area in ListControl
FIX: When dragged item is moved down during drag-drop it's placed in correct position
Dec 20, 2011 v3.2 NEW: Option to extend the current theme with custom colors for all controls
NEW: RatingControl which can use custom images to show rating values, includes star image as default
NEW: NumberedListControl presents a numbered list of items acting like navigation panel
NEW: Panel and TransparentPanel, presents a containers with gradient fill of its background and custom border appearance
NEW: A DisplayMode property for items which will enable for an item to act as a separator in the list
NEW: A style for drawing subitems when they are focused
NEW: Option to embedd new control: RatingControl which can use custom images to show rating values, includes star image as default
NEW: Selection from keyboard using CTRL or SHIFT keys
NEW: A new constructor which accepts String and creates a default item with text
NEW: Serialization of images from ImageList to XML file is now supported
NEW: Option to place child node above or below its parent node
NEW: A new ShowRootLines property which shows root lines even if there arent child nodes
NEW: IsChildOf method, which determines whether a node is child of a specified node
NEW: GetPreferredSize method, which returns the calculates and returns the actual size of node space

FIX: Clone method of Columns, Items etc. now also include Key, Name values
FIX: The Value property of subitem now carries valid value in ValueChanging event
FIX: When list control is disabled and enabled again, the scroll bar also changes its enabled state
FIX: Textcontrol now shows the bottom of low hanging fonts correctly
FIX: When using multi extended selection using SHIFT key, when parent node is collapsed child nodes are no longer added to SelectedNodes collection
FIX: When vertical scrollbar becomes hidden, no longer resets the scrolling view
FIX: Speed for Mouse Wheel is now working as it should
FIX: When scrollbar is disabled, the current view is no longer scrolled with mouse wheel
FIX: Showing popup window in AfterSelect event, no longer causes multiple calls to the same event
FIX: When using TextControl as editor is shown in subitem with OnHover visibility, the focus is now properly changed to another row with subitem with TextControl
FIX: When ComboBox has initial selection set from the code, the selection no longer resets when a click is made outside combo box
FIX: AutoSizeColumn method when it is called, now fully shows the column text
Dec 29, 2010 v3.1 NEW: Row-based and pixel-based scrolling enabled
NEW: New Key property in ObjectEventArgs, used to uniquely identify different objects
NEW: Fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010
NEW: The Key which specifies the text from XML content is carried with the editing events
NEW: A built-in root node which will be used as parent for first level nodes and which retrieve the control Nodes collection
NEW: IsRoot property which determines whether a node is the root node
NEW: ItemObjectClicked and ContentObjectClicked events now carry also the MouseButtons
NEW: Mouse wheel supported in ComboBox, ListControl and NumericUpDown controls
NEW: EnsureVisible method for subitems. Using it will position the specified subitem to the center of the current view
NEW: Retrieving a subitem by its Key

FIX: When a click is made on any of scrollbar arrows or thumb it no longer raises AfterLabelEdit event
FIX: When column header is created with XML content, now the column can be selected by mouse click
FIX: When using ENTER or ESC key to exit from built-on control with OnClick or OnHover visibility, the focus is now returned to subitem
FIX: ComboButtons changes from thier editor are not applied to its parent control
FIX: GetScrollPos now returns the correct position of scrollbar
FIX: EnsureVisible now works also with pixel-based scrolling
FIX: Now when using KeySearchMode the current view is scrolled to show the found item
FIX: Scrolling large number of controls inside node, don't longer causes overlapping of panels over controls
May 12, 2010 v3.0 NEW: Great performance improvement during data load and control layout update
NEW: Partially visible controls remain active
NEW: XML attributes
     - assemblypath and resource for <img> tag, used to get references from emebedded resources
     - selectedtextcolor for <style> tag, used for changing the color of text when selected
     - <r> tag for regular font
     - id attribute for most tags, used to identify specific object
NEW: Option to separately show/hide the scrollbars
NEW: CurrentList property, represents a flat list of all nodes that are currently visible and filtered
NEW: Alignment of expand box, check box, state image and item icon
NEW: EnsureVisible with option to choose the item position
NEW: ItemSelectionChanged even which notifies when node changes its selection
NEW: Option to edit nodes and subitems created with rich content. Also editing of specific text part
NEW: Option to determine which columns can be edited
NEW: UpdateCurrentView, a new method with which only objects in current display area of the control are updated. Efficient for example when specific subitem changes its visibility or to automatically resize the node/subitem height when contained control changes its size
NEW: Margin, a new property in format style of the node, with which you can change the space between other nodes. Now every node can have different distance from other nodes

FIX: Scrollbar with size equal to zero no longer throws an error
FIX: During navigation when disabled nodes are present, the navigation is no longer blocked
FIX: When SelectionMode is changed all selection is cleared
FIX: When filter is applied, the nodes with child's don't show anymore the expand box even if there is no child nodes
FIX: ToolTip background is no longer transparent when FillStyle is set to Flat or BackColor and BackFadeColor are equal
FIX: Keyboard navigation when there are some disabled nodes function properly
FIX: Expand/Collapse of disabled node is allowed
FIX: Prevention of node selection can be done from BeforeSelect event when SelectionMode is set to One
FIX: When NodeSpacing is set to 0, the bottom line of node border no longer overlaps with the top border of the next node
FIX: Functionality of Visible property for subItems is fixed
FIX: When a column is fixed to left or right side, the subitems are also reordered
FIX: When footer is hidden the squared borders for columns now can be set
FIX: The position of mouse cursor (Hand) is also changed, when node or subitem content is vertically centered
FIX: The BackColor for subitems is no longer drawn outside the subitem border
FIX: When large images are added to the sprecified column with ContentType=Image, the image is shown even if the column width is shorter then the image width
FIX: When vertical alignment is used for rich content, the control is also vertically aligned
FIX: When column size is greatly reduced, the rich content of the node is no longer drawn outside the node bounds
FIX: When tables are used and styles are precreated using <style> tag, accesing the styles is possible thorugh id value
December 15, 2009 v2.2 NEW: 8 new built-in controls which can be used as a standalone and inside list control using XML tags:
CheckBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, ListControl, MonthCalendar, NumericUpDown, ProgressBar, TextControl
NEW: Advanced filter which allows data to be filtered by multiple values using AND, OR criteria and exact or prefix match
NEW: XML Serialization for controls and images
NEW: Improved performance during load process
NEW: ApplyFocusStyle, a property which enables/disables FocusStyle for items. Useful during multi-selection
NEW: Option to show tree hierarchy in flat mode
NEW: Option to create XML content with images embedded in resource files
NEW: Option to navigate through subitems
NEW: Events for notification when column resizes
NEW: Events for notification when values of subitems changes
NEW: LabelEditStyle for customization of edit box during item content editing
NEW: PreserveVisiblity, a property used to preserve visibility of items when required

FIX: Items with height larger than current display area of its parent control are shown
FIX: Resource management optimization when using images
FIX: CPU usage when animating images is optimized
FIX: The appearance of underlined text is fixed
FIX: With ItemHighlightType set to None or when all items are disabled, the focus item doesn't appear
FIX: Column lines are no longer drawn over item content
FIX: Other minor bugs
February 10, 2009 v2.1 NEW: Option for Custom controls to remain visible during scrolling
NEW: Support for custom animated gifs in every item with control over animation
NEW: Option to edit the subitem text during runtime
NEW: Expand boxes in TreeListView can be placed in other columns
NEW: Option to manually stop the fading effect

FIX: Content property accepts plain text
FIX: UnFormattedText property returns non-formatted text from the Content property
FIX: TreeLines are displayed properly
FIX: Item content is shifted correctly during expand/scroll
FIX: Every image used from a ImageList is disposed when it is no longer needed
FIX: When there are more than one references to the same image object from Image, SelectedImage or StateImage property, the referenced image from the first object is no longer disposed by other objectsd
FIX: Font style tags now can be used without problem inside the font tag
FIX: EnsureVisible method now works properly and it is added to every list control
FIX: Other minor bug fixes
October 15, 2008 v2.0 NEW: Improved creation of item's content with various objects: Text, Images, Hyperlinks, Custom Controls, CheckBoxes, Flags, etc.
NEW: Advanced formatting options by use of XML tags
NEW: A table based formatting of the item content, with which a complex data can be presented in a single item
NEW: Every content element can have their own color and format styles
NEW: Multiple images at different places in the single content
NEW: Multiple custom controls at different places in the single content
NEW: Content alignment for every element
NEW: Place various elements in paragraphs and tables
NEW: Ability to present custom animation along with process progress during execution of any operation
NEW: Enrich the control appearance with 5 new styles for every SubItem
NEW: Excel-like look and feel
NEW: Built-in keyword search
NEW: Built-in sorting and option to add custom sort operations
NEW: Built-in check box scenario with three states
NEW: Built-in controls: CheckBox
NEW: Customizable ToolTips
NEW: Option to change the roundness of control border corner
NEW: Improved performance during Expand/Collapse
NEW: TagString property for every list control
NEW: Multi-column selection
NEW: SubItem Frame selection
FIX: Image Editor cannot be used from control editor in VS 2005/2008
FIX: AfterSelect event is fired before firing the GotFocus event
FIX: Column reorder, during drag&drop, is not show correctly when horizontal scrollbar is moved
FIX: MessageBox shown from XML Encoding needs to be removed
FIX: The MouseWheel event is not marked as handled
FIX: The BeforeLabelEdit event is fired before the text is changed
FIX: CursorConverter fires an error in VS 2005/2008
FIX: During editing of item label, the process cannot be canceled. Also, the BeforeLabelEdit and AfterLabelEdit events doesn't carry with them the original item text.
FIX: Custom Controls are not scrolled by clicking on the horizontal scrollbar arrows
March 20, 2008 v1.2 NEW: ItemDrag event, fired during start of a custom drag&drop operation
NEW: ItemMouseHover, fired when mouse cursor hovers for some time over node space
NEW: ScrollPosChanged, fired when there is a change in scrollbar value
NEW: ShowStateImages, property with which you can control the appearance of State Images
NEW: DropMarkerType, property with which you can change the appearance of drop marker during drag&drop operation
NEW: FindItem, method for searching an item with matching text
NEW: GetSubItem, method retrieves a reference to a subitem on which mouse cursor hovers
NEW: A sample project demonstrating the use of custom controls

FIX: In LabelEdit mode, the node text editing control is shown whenever the mouse is clicked
FIX: The State Image is not shown every time
FIX: When the border corners are set all Squared programmatically, the border area remains unpainted
FIX: During Expand/Collapse of nodes, sometime nodes overlap other nodes
FIX: Other minor bug fixes
January 9, 2008 v1.1.367 NEW: Columns in ListView and TreeListView can be autosized
NEW: Level property showing the depth of tree nodes
NEW: FlatNodes property giving a flat collection of tree nodes
NEW: ChangeCheckState method for changing the check state of nodes without firing BeforeCheck and AfterCheck events

FIX: ItemObjectClicking event which is fired before hyperlink is clicked
FIX: There is a delay when scrolling very large set of nodes
FIX: AfterLabelEdit event is fired during mouse up without active text editor
FIX: When the bold text in nodes or items is edited, the end word is hidden in text editor
FIX: Calling the Move method sets the SelectedNode property to null
FIX: The outer edge of the control does not paint under Windows Server 2003
Some other minor bug fixes
October 17, 2007 v1.1 NEW: Can contain custom controls in every subitem
NEW: 4 ways to control the visibility of contained custom controls
NEW: The position of vertical scrollbar can be programmatically changed
NEW: Method for determining whether the item is present in the parent control display area
NEW: Control over visibility of reorder mark during drag&drop operation
NEW: Controls are supported under Windows Vista

FIX: An event is raised when user clicks a hyperlink in the item
FIX: The outer edge of the control does not paint under Vista
FIX: While collapsing tree nodes, the scroll bar position changes
FIX: The FocusNodeChanged event will be thrown whenever there is a change in a focus node
Some other minor bug fixes
June 22, 2007 v1.0 First release