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IntegralUI TreeView for .NET WinForms

Rich hierarchical data visualization control

IntegralUI TreeView .NET, C# VB

Highly Customizable Appearance

Advanced Drag and Drop

Custom Sorting and Filtering

Rich Content



Why Choose?

The Most Advanced TreeView .NET Control on the Market

IntegralUI TreeView comes with many advanced features like fully customizable appearance, improved drag and drop functionality, custom filters, sorting, unique ability to arrange text, images, hyperlinks in every node and to embed any controls and arrange them in custom layouts and much more.

Improve Productivity with High Performance Control

You can load thousands of nodes just in few miliseconds, no matter whether your data is stored in database or other custom data source.

Cut Your Development Costs

Most of the features you may need in your application are already built-in. Check out our complete feature list from link below.

Modern Look of Your Applications

It is critical for your application to have modern look and feel. Enhance your applications by using already built-in themes or create your own custom color schemes to change every part of the control individually.

Link to TreeView Feature List

Fast and Dedicated support

Don't hesitate to contact our support team. Your questions will be answered promptly and you will receive solution ASAP, no matter how difficult the problem is.

I have been using the IntegralUI TreeView for a few years now; it was the best single Windows Forms control for .NET I have ever seen, when I started using it, and now, a few versions later, it is even more full-featured!.

Bill Woodruff