Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

Articles for Collector .NET WinForms

In this section you can find a comprehensive set of articles on how to use Collector controls more effectively. If you want to write your own article to share your experience with other developers or you have specific feedback on what you would like to be elaborated, feel free to contact our support team by e-mail at

Description of Collector controls

Gives brief information on Collector library which contains three powerful controls with which you can group, arrange, manage and order custom controls that form your application. These controls in hierarchical order are Bar, Group and Page control.

Performing Drag&Drop Operations

Demonstrates how to use the drag-drop operations with Collector controls. Both design-time and run-time drag-drop operations is supported for Bar, Group and Page controls.

Create modern look User Interface

Explains the creation of modern looking user interface with Collector controls using color shemes, visual styles and themes.

Layout WinForms using Table

Explains how to use table layout engine to organize and order WinForms in tabular format using Page control.