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16 Aug 2013

Show Ellipsis for Tabs with Longer Text in TabControl

Learn how to limit tab width by showing ellipses at the end of text in longer tabs in TabControl .NET. Also shows tabs in auto sized, compressed and justified display mode.

16 Aug 2013

Splitter with Expand/Collapse Buttons

Learn how to create a splitter with custom expand and collapse buttons and how to change orientation of splitter in SplitContainer .NET control.

16 Aug 2013

Space Between Tabs in TabControl .NET

Shows how to increase space between tab headers in TabControl .NET control using spacing and padding.

14 Aug 2013

Increase Space Between Columns in ListView

An example showing how to increase space between columns in ListView .NET control, and how to adjust the column width to fill remaining area.

14 Aug 2013

Add Image to Column Header

An example showing how to add or display a custom image to column header and align it to the right side before or after header text in ListView .NET control.

14 Aug 2013

Column Alignment in ListView .NET

An example showing how to set horizontal alignment of column text, subitems, header and footer in ListView .NET control. Also presents how to align text for single subitem.

12 Aug 2013

Expand Node on Hover or by Clicking on Node's Text

Demonstrates how to expand or collapse a node while mouse cursor hovers over its space or when node’s text is clicked in TreeView .NET control, WinForms.

12 Aug 2013

Show Different Image on Expand in TreeView

An example on how to show a different image when tree node is expanded or collapsed in TreeView .NET

12 Aug 2013

Click on Hyperlink to Expand Nodes in TreeView .NET

Demonstrates how to expand a node when hyperlink is clicked in TreeView .NET control.

12 Aug 2013

Show Child Nodes Above and Below Parent Node

Demonstrates how to display child nodes in upward direction when parent node expands in TreeView .NET control. Also shows how to expand/collapse all nodes using built-in methods.

30 Jul 2012

How to Add a Close Button to Tabs in TabControl

An example showing how to add a close button to the tabs in TabControl .NET, WinForms.

30 Jan 2012

How to Create Hierarchical Structure of Tab Pages

An example showing how to create a hierarchical structure of tab pages in TabControl .NET, WinForms.

06 May 2011

How to Create Items with Rich Content

An example showing how to create item with rich content using various objects like text, images, hyperlinks and custom controls and arrange them in custom layouts.

30 Apr 2011

How to Add Hyperlinks in TreeView .NET control

An example showing how to create or add a hyperlink to node in TreeView .NET Control.

27 Jan 2010

How to use animated gifs in TreeView .NET control

Provides information on how to start and stop animations of animated gifs in each node of IntegralUI TreeView .NET control.

19 Jan 2010

Custom Drop-Down Filter for Columns in TreeListView .NET

Explains how to create custom filtering in TreeListView control. In this particular example a column contains DateTime values and whenever a column is clicked, a popup window is shown which filters data using only selected DateTime value.

12 Jan 2010

Create custom sort operation in ListView .NET control

Provides information how to create custom sort operation in ListView .NET control. A class from ICompare interface is created which compares DateTime values for specific column and sort items depending on current sort order.

05 Mar 2009

Display Three State Checkboxes in TreeView .NET Control

Gives information on how to create and display tree node with three-state checkbox and how to automatically update the value of check boxes from the trigger node to all child and parent nodes. Also demonstrates how to handle AfterCheck event in IntegralUI TreeView control.

01 Oct 2008

Programmatically editing of tree nodes

Gives information how you can edit node labels during runtime by handling BeforeLabelEdit and AfterLabelEdit events, in IntegralUI TreeListView control.

01 Oct 2008

ListView with fixed columns

Describes how you can create columns with fixed width IntegralUI ListView .NET control. Also gives information on how to make some columns fixed to left or right control side.

02 Jul 2007

Transparency and hover effect on highlighted items

Gives information on how to make items partially or in whole transparent. There are two levels available: Partial and Full transparency.

02 Jul 2007

Different colors for even/odd items in ListView

Demonstrates how ListView .NET control can display items in alternate colors, by using different color styles for each even odd item..

28 Nov 2005

Layout WinForms using Table

Explains how to use table layout engine to organize and order WinForms in tabular format using Page control.

21 Nov 2005

Create modern look User Interface

Explains the creation of modern looking user interface with Collector controls using color shemes, visual styles and themes.

15 Nov 2005

Performing Drag&Drop Operations

Demonstrates how to use the drag-drop operations with Collector controls. Both design-time and run-time drag-drop operations is supported for Bar, Group and Page controls.

07 Nov 2005

Description of Collector controls

Gives brief information on Collector library which contains three powerful controls with which you can group, arrange, manage and order custom controls that form your application. These controls in hierarchical order are Bar, Group and Page control.