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IntegralUI Web

Documentation and API Reference


Represents a Dialog component for Angular.


  • closeButton
  • Determines whether the close button inside the dialog is visible or not
  • controlStyle
  • Specifies an object that contains all style settings for the Dialog component
  • data
  • Specifies an object that holds data related to the component
  • enabled
  • Determines whether the component is enabled or disabled
  • name
  • Uniquely identifies the component
  • size
  • Gets or sets the component width and height in pixels
  • state
  • Specifies the component state: disabled, hovered, etc.
  • visible
  • Determines whether the dialog is visible or hidden


  • closed
  • Occurs after dialog is closed
  • closing
  • Occurs before dialog starts to close
  • enabledChanged
  • Occurs when enabled property value changes
  • opened
  • Occurs after dialog is opened
  • opening
  • Occurs before dialog starts to open
  • stateChanged
  • Occurs when state property value changes


  • refresh
  • Updates the appearance of the component