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IntegralUI.SlideBar Properties

A list of properties in IntegralUI SlideBar component.


  • allowAnimation
  • Determines whether slide changes is animated or not
  • animationPause
  • Determines the time delay in miliseconds between slide changes during animation
  • animationSpeed
  • Specifies the speed of animation
  • data
  • Gets or sets an object associated with the component
  • controlStyle
  • Specifies an object that contains all style settings for the SlideBar component
  • selectedIndex
  • Gets or sets the index of the slide that is currently selected
  • selectedSlide
  • Gets or sets the slide that is currently selected in the SlideBar
  • slides
  • Gets the collection of slides that are assigned to the SlideBar
  • state
  • Provides information about the current state of the component