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IntegralUI Web

Documentation and API Reference


Represents a service that includes a set of common functions usable in most applications in Angular 2.


  • checkHit
  • Checks whether the specified coordinates are within specified bounds
  • getBorderWidth
  • Returns the CSS border-width settings of an element
  • getMargin
  • Returns the CSS margin settings of an element
  • getMousePos
  • Returns the current mouse position in page coordinates
  • getPadding
  • Returns the CSS padding settings of an element
  • getPageRect
  • Returns the bounding rectangle of an element in page coordinates
  • getShiftPos
  • Returns scrolling position of the main window
  • getUniqueId
  • Returns a unique identifier as string
  • isEqual
  • Determines whether two values are equal
  • isFieldAvailable
  • Determines whether a specified field is present in specified object
  • isString
  • Determines whether a specified value is a string