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Represents a ComboBox directive for AngularJS. Displays hierarchical collection of item objects.


  • controlStyle
  • Specifies an object that contains all style settings for the ComboBox directive
  • dataFields
  • Specifies data fields that match the data in local data source
  • dropdownHeight
  • Specifies the height of the dropdown window
  • dropdownWidth
  • Specifies the width of the dropdown window
  • enabled
  • Determines whether ComboBox is enabled or disabled
  • events
  • Specifies an object that holds all event handlers in the ComboBox
  • integralHeight
  • Determines whether the ComboBox should resize its drop-down window to avoid showing partial items
  • itemIcon
  • A HTML element which represents a default icon shown for all items that don't have an icon
  • items
  • Gets the collection of items that are assigned to the ComboBox
  • maxDropdownItems
  • Specifies the maximum number of items displayed in dropdown list
  • name
  • Gets or sets the name of the ComboBox
  • options
  • Specifies an object that holds all options available in the ComboBox
  • rtl
  • Determines whether left-to-right or right-to-left layout is active
  • showIcons
  • Determines whether icons are visible or not



  • findItemById
  • Searches for an item using specified id
  • findItemByText
  • Searches for an item using specified text
  • getList
  • Returns a list of all items
  • loadData
  • Populates the ComboBox content using local or remote data source
  • refresh
  • Applies the control styles and updates the appearance of the ComboBox
  • resumeLayout
  • Resumes the ComboBox layout and updates it, internally calls the updateLayout method
  • selectedItem
  • Gets or sets the currently selected item
  • suspendLayout
  • Suspends the ComboBox layout from any updates
  • updateLayout
  • Updates the ComboBox layout
  • updateView
  • Updates only the current view of the ComboBox