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Occurs when drag-drop operation completes and row is dropped in Grid space.

Event Data

eObjectAn event object which contains data about drag-drop operation


The following objects are carried with this event:

  • dragRow - the row(s) object that is(are) dragged
  • dropPos - the position where dropped row will be placed. Here is a list of dropPos values:
    • -1, row is placed to the end of tree hierarchy as a root row
    • 0, row becomes a child of target row
    • 1, row is placed above target row
    • 2, row is placed below target row
  • isDropAllowed - a Boolean value stating whether row is allowed to drop
  • mousePos - the position of mouse cursor in page coordinates
  • sourceTree - the name of the source TreeView from which row is dragged
  • targetRow - the row object over which mouse cursor is currently positioned
  • targetTree - the name of the target TreeView where row will be dropped

This event can be handled by creating a function in your application controller $scope and applying this function as value to an attribute in Grid directive:

  • drag-drop attribute, or
  • events attribute

The events attribute has a higher priority than the drag-drop attribute. If both attributes are set, the value from events attribute is used.

For cancellation, simply return a false value in this event handler.

Version Information

Supported in: v1.0.

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