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IntegralUI.TabStrip Properties

A list of properties in IntegralUI TabStrip directive.


  • controlStyle
  • Specifies an object that contains all style settings for the TabStrip directive
  • dataFields
  • Specifies data fields that match the data in custom data source
  • enabled
  • Determines whether TabStrip is enabled or disabled
  • events
  • Specifies an object that holds all event handlers in the TabStrip
  • hoverSelection
  • Determines whether an tab can be selected while mouse cursor hovers over its header
  • name
  • Gets or sets the name of the TabStrip
  • options
  • Specifies an object that holds all options available in the TabStrip
  • rtl
  • Determines whether left-to-right or right-to-left layout is active
  • selectedTab
  • Gets or sets the tab that is currently selected in the TabStrip
  • showCloseButton
  • Determines whether close button is visible or hidden
  • tabs
  • Gets the collection of tabs that are assigned to the TabStrip
  • tabstripPlacement
  • Gets or sets the side at which tabs are positioned