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moveItem(name, item, targetItem, direction, position)

Moves an item or set of items at specified position in TreeView directive.


nameStringThe value of name attribute of the TreeView directive
itemObject or ArrayThe item or array of items to be moved
targetItem (optional)ObjectA reference item after or before moved items will be positioned
directionStringDirection at which item(s) will be moved
position (optional)IntegerThe indexed location within the collection to move the item(s)

Return Value

This method does not return a value.


This method is part of IntegralUITreeViewService.

The following values are accepted by the direction argument:

  • 'after' - the item(s) are moved after specified target item
  • 'at' - the item(s) are moved at specified position
  • 'before' - the item(s) are moved before specified target item
  • 'first' - the item(s) are moved at first position
  • 'last' - the item(s) are moved at last position

Version Information

Supported in: v2.3

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