Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

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IntegralUI Web

IntegralUI Web

Includes 30+ advanced UI components:

  • Accordion - Displays a list of expandable groups in vertical or horizontal layout
  • Button - Represents a button
  • Calendar - Enables the user to select a date using a visual monthly calendar display
  • CheckBox - Represents a check box
  • ComboBox - Advanced version of standard ComboBox element
  • ContextMenu - Represents a shortcut menu
  • DatePicker - Allows the user to select a date by using a drop-down calendar
  • Dialog - Displays a modal window
  • DropDownButton - Represents a button with option to show a dropdown list
  • Frame - Places a grip handle that allows you to resize a container during run-time
  • Grid - Displays tabular data sets
  • GroupBox - An expandable container with header and content
  • ListBar - Displays a list of expandable groups with items
  • ListBox - Displays a collection of items with content in custom layouts
  • ListScroller - Displays a scrollable item list in horizontal or vertical layout
  • ListView - Displays a collection of items using several different views
  • Menu - Allows you to create static or dynamic menus
  • NumericUpDown - Displays a numeric value and allows changes within a range of defined minimum and maximum values
  • Paginator - Allows you to divide the content in multiple views in single page
  • ProgressBar - Visualize the progression of an operation
  • RadioButton - Represents a radio button
  • Range - Allows you to set limits in which an element can resize during run-time
  • Rating - Visualizes ratings
  • SlideBar - Animates slides composed of custom content
  • Slider - Allows changes to a numeric value within a range of defined minimum and maximum values
  • SplitContainer - Consists of movable bar with tabs that divides the container's display area into two resizable panels
  • Splitter - A movable bar that can resize elements during run-time
  • TabStrip - Consists of multiple scrollable panels that share the same space
  • Tooltip - Adds a tooltip to an element
  • TreeGrid - Displays hierarchical data structures in multiple columns
  • TreeList - Allows you to navigate through tree hierarchy showing only one list at a time
  • TreeView - Displays hierarchical data structures
  • All components supports both local and remote data binding, have fully customizable appearance, animations, themes and much more.

    IntegralUI Web - Details

    .NET WinForms

    IntegralUI Studio

    IntegralUI Studio for .NET

    A suite of 27+ advanced .NET User Interface controls. The package includes docking and tabbed document management controls, advanced data visualization controls, multiple containers which can contain custom controls and components for grouping and organizing your application layout. All components are easy to use, have custom appearance, mutiple styles, supports XML load/save and fast data loading time.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI Studio
    IntegralUI Lists

    IntegralUI Lists

    Feature rich package of four data visualization controls:

    ListBox - Rich data visualization in custom layouts

    TreeListView - Rich multi-column hierarchical data visualization control

    ListView - Rich data visualization in multiple views

    TreeView - Rich hierarchical data visualization control

    All controls have built-in live editor, advanced drag and drop, sorting and filtering, fully customizable appearance and theme support.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI Lists
    IntegralUI Containers

    IntegralUI Containers

    Includes five advanced container controls which are easy to use and fully customizable. The included controls are:

    Expander - Expandable container with custom command buttons

    SplitContainer - Arrange group of controls in two resizable panels

    RichContentControl - Arrange data in custom layouts using HTML tags

    TabControl - Feature Rich Tabbed User Interface

    TabDockContainer - Use of tab pages as docking containers

    Link to more information about IntegralUI Lists
    IntegralUI TreeListView

    IntegralUI TreeListView

    Add the combined power of TreeView and ListView controls to your applications. Display your hierarchical structure with more details added by fully customizable columns. Using HTML tags arrange your data in custom layouts in every column, node and subitem.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI TreeListView
    IntegralUI TreeView

    IntegralUI TreeView

    A custom feature rich control for .NET windows forms. It allows you to create rich hierarchical structure of your data with ability to include in each tree node different objects like text, images, check boxes, hyperlinks and custom controls, arranged in custom layouts. It is a high performance control, with advanced filtering and custom sort operations.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI TreeView
    IntegralUI TabControl

    IntegralUI TabControl

    IntegralUI TabControl is advanced control which has an option to merge a set of tabs and a toolbar in single line. In this way, allowing you to use the same tools for every visible page. There are many options to change appearance of tabs. The toolbar can contain items like: buttons, labels and separators on left and right side of the tab strip. The control is easy to use and very customizable with plenty of options for changing the overall appearance. There is support for themes: Classic, XP and Vista.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI TabControl
    IntegralUI ListView

    IntegralUI ListView

    A control packed with plenty of options for display, selection and sorting of data. It has five different views to display items (Details, Large Icon, Small Icon, List and Card View) and advanced Drag&Drop support. Use various HTML Tags to enhance your user interface.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI ListView
    IntegralUI ListBox

    IntegralUI ListBox

    A control with plenty options for display, selection and sorting of data and item collections. With it you can customize the presentation of data like never before. Table formatting is present and WordWrap. All of this gives you more flexibility in creation of custom user interface.

    Link to more information about IntegralUI ListBox
    Lidor Systems Collector

    Lidor Systems Collector

    Bring a new level of user interaction with your applications using advanced docking windows and tabbed documents management solution. Experience the unparalleled support for Windows XP Themes and color schemes and the most precise emulation of Office 2003, Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 look and feel.

    Link to more information about Lidor Systems Collector