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Multiple Selection in TreeView .NET Control

There are four ways to select nodes in IntegralUI TreeView control:

  • None - doesn't allow node selection
  • One - only single node can be selected
  • MultiSimple - allows selection of multiple nodes by mouse click
  • MultiExtended - allows selection of multiple nodes by using mouse and/or keyboard

Single Selection in TreeView


Multiple Selection in TreeView


By default single selection is active, and only one node is allowed to be selected. In this mode, you can navigate among nodes using keyboard arrow keys, during which the currently focused node is the same as selected node

When you want to select multiple nodes, you can choose between MultiSimple mode and MultiExtended mode. The difference is that the first one allows node selection by simply left-click with mouse on desired node. On the other hand with multi extended mode you can select multiple nodes by using mouse click while holding CTRL or SHIFT key. Clicking on node while holding CTRL key will allow you to select nodes that are not close to each other, regardless whether some nodes are parent and others are child of different parent nodes. Clicking on node while holding SHIFT key, will select all nodes from starting node to the last node you click.

You can also navigate among nodes using arrow keys, and using SPACE key to selected node that is currently focused.

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