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Show Child Nodes Above and Below Parent Node

Created: 12 August 2013

The most use of TreeView is to create a tree hierarchy that shows all child nodes expanded vertically in downward direction. But in some special cases we want a tree view where some or all nodes expand upwards. This can be achieved by using the DisplayPosition property where we can choose in which direction node is placed above or below its parent node.

Display Node Above Parent Node

Child Nodes Above Parent

Display Node Below Parent Node

Child Nodes Below Parent

Download Sample - Show Child Nodes Above And Below Parent Node

The DisplayPosition property can have one of two values:

  • Above – puts node above its parent node
  • Below – puts node below its parent node (default)

In order treeview to expand upwards we need to set this property to Above value for all nodes:

node.DisplayPosition = LidorSystems.IntegralUI.Lists.TreeNodeDisplayPosition.Above;

node.DisplayPosition = LidorSystems.IntegralUI.Lists.TreeNodeDisplayPosition.Above

We can also create a tree hierarchy where some nodes are shown above while others are shown below its parent nodes.

Show Child Nodes Above and Below Parent Node

Child Nodes Above and Below Parent

A complete sample project in C# and VB which demonstrates this feature is available for download from here: TreeView Expand Upwards Sample. The sample also shows how to expand all or collapse all nodes by using a single method.


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