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AutoSize Column Width in ListView .NET

Created: 05 November 2013

Each column in ListView by default can resize its width by using a mouse to click-move the column header border or by manually changing the value of Width property. However, it is good to have an option to automatically change the column width whenever some subitem in this column changes its value.
IntegralUI ListView allows you to do just that.

Auto Size Column in ListView .NET
Download Sample - Auto Size Column in ListView .NET

How to Make Column Auto-Sizable

By default all columns are not auto-sizable and each column can become wider than its content. To enable column to auto fit its content, we will use the AutoSizable property:

// Enable column to automatically change its to fit its content

column.AutoSizable = true;


// Update the control


' Enable column to automatically change its to fit its content

column.AutoSizable = True


' Update the control


Whenever a subitem (that belongs to a column which is auto-sizable) changes its text or any other custom content, the column will also change its width to accommodate the content.

To demonstrate this, we will enable editing of subitem text. Whenever a subitem is clicked, a label edit control will pop-up where we can change the subitem’s text. By pressing the ENTER key, the change will be accepted and applied to the subitem. If the newly entered text has a width longer than the current column width, the column will increase its width.

this.listView1.LabelEdit = true;

Me.listView1.LabelEdit = True

Although this sample shows only text in subitems, the autosize functionality will work for any custom content inside the subitem.

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How to AutoSize Column Manually

In some cases we may need to auto-size the column width programmatically, when some conditions are fulfilled. For that purpose we can use the built-in AutoSizeColumn method. This method can accept either the column index or the column itself as an argument.

// Manually auto-size column width to accommodate its content


' Manually auto-size column width to accommodate its content


In above code we are using the index of currently selected subitem. The indices of subitems and columns are the same. Whenever columns change their order or index, the index of their subtitems is also changed to correspond to their column index. Using this method give us freedom to choose when we want a column to update its width.

Finally we can always auto-size column by simply double-clicking on its header right edge. The column will automatically adjust its width.

There is a sample project in C# and VB available for download from here: AutoSize Column Width in ListView .NET


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