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Articles for IntegralUI TreeListView .NET WinForms

In this section you can find a comprehensive set of articles on how to use IntegralUI TreeListView more effectively. If you want to write your own article to share your experience with other developers or you have specific feedback on what you would like to be elaborated, feel free to contact our support team by e-mail at

01 Sep 2013

XML Serialization of Custom Color Schemes in TreeListView .NET

An example on how to read or create custom color schemes and write them to XML files using built-in serialization techniques in TreeListView .NET control.

28 Aug 2013

In-Place Text Editing of SubItems in TreeListView

Learn how to use different in place editors to edit the label of subitems in TreeListView .NET control. The article explains the use of LabelEdit and TextControl as in place text editor.

19 Jan 2010

Creating a custom drop-down filter for specific column

Explains how to create custom filtering in TreeListView control. In this particular example a column contains DateTime values and whenever a column is clicked, a popup window is shown which filters data using only selected DateTime value.

01 Oct 2008

Programmatically editing of tree nodes

Gives information how you can edit node labels during runtime by handling BeforeLabelEdit and AfterLabelEdit events, in IntegralUI TreeListView control.