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Articles for IntegralUI TreeView .NET WinForms

In this section you can find a comprehensive set of articles on how to use IntegralUI TreeView more effectively. If you want to write your own article to share your experience with other developers or you have specific feedback on what you would like to be elaborated, feel free to contact our support team by e-mail at

23 Sep 2013

TreeView with Multi-Color Text in Nodes

An example showing how to display text using multiple colors in single or multiple nodes in TreeView .NET.

01 Sep 2013

Load Data on Demand from XML File in TreeView .NET

An example on how to load data on demand and populate the TreeView .NET control using partial or full data serialization from/to XML files

12 Aug 2013

Expand Node on Hover or by Clicking on Node's Text

Demonstrates how to expand or collapse a node while mouse cursor hovers over its space or when node’s text is clicked in TreeView .NET control, WinForms.

12 Aug 2013

Show Different Image on Expand in TreeView

An example on how to show a different image when tree node is expanded or collapsed in TreeView .NET

12 Aug 2013

Click on Hyperlink to Expand Nodes in TreeView .NET

Demonstrates how to expand a node when hyperlink is clicked in TreeView .NET control.

12 Aug 2013

Show Child Nodes Above and Below Parent Node

Demonstrates how to display child nodes in upward direction when parent node expands in TreeView .NET control. Also shows how to expand/collapse all nodes using built-in methods.

30 Apr 2011

How to add hyperlink in tree node

An example showing how to create or add a hyperlink to node in TreeView .NET Control.

27 Jan 2010

Display Three State Checkboxes in TreeView .NET Control

An example on how to create nodes with three state checkboxes and how to automatically update the value of check boxes by handling AfterCheck event.

05 Mar 2009

How to use animated gifs in TreeView .NET control

Provides information on how to start and stop animations of animated gifs in each node of IntegralUI TreeView .NET control.